Photography has been a longtime love starting in the 60’s with my first camera, an Olympus Pen EE (a split frame 35mm).  This was traded soon after for a Yashica D twin lens and over the years the collection of cameras grew.  My first 35mm SLR was a Miranda FVT.  This was a nice camera and boasted that it accepted 1,500 attachments and lenses.  It accepted lens with bayonet or screw mounts.  My first Nikon SLR was the Nikon FE and later a Nikon F601s.  I also acquired a Mamiya 645 medium format camera that I was able to upgrade to a Mamiya 645 Pro.  These cameras used 120 and 220 film.  I really loved these cameras and they saw a lot of use.  My all time favourite camera was my ZoneVI 4×5 large format camera.  I was in the right place at the right time when I acquired this one.  I bought it from a wonderful gentleman that had actually trained with Ansel Adams.  His work definitely showed his training and his expertise.  I acquired other cameras along the way and I had a complete portable studio that I could take to any location.

When I decided to obtain my first digital camera, I made the switch from Nikon to Canon, believing that they were ahead in the digital game at that time.  So far, I’ve never felt that my digital cameras were as good as the film cameras that I had used for so long.  Now I’m ready to make the move to mirrorless and I’m finding it difficult to make choices.  Only time will tell which way I go on this one.

Living in the Haliburton Highlands provides an incredible variety of photographic opportunities.  I also travel extensively which expands the opportunities even more.  Landscapes form the bulk of my work, but I also enjoy nature (wildlife), architecture, black & white, and still life to mention a few.

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Fisher Fotographics – Photography by Stan Fisher